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Parents Support Group (PEERS)

At TJC, we strongly believe that education is a shared responsibility between College and families. As such, we endeavour to forge strong partnerships with parents so that the academic and character development of our students can be effectively achieved. To achieve this partnership, we place great importance on communication. Letters are sent out every term/semester to inform and update parents on upcoming College activities and to also recognise the successful completion of events. Parents can also communicate with tutors at Meet the Parent sessions. Beyond College initiated events and efforts, the Parent Support Group (PSG) is integral in initiating new opportunities to strengthen our partnership. To capture this spirit more accurately, the PSG was renamed as TJC PEERS (Parents Enthusiastically Engaged in Rendering Support) in 2010. 

PEERS Executive Committee 17/18

Mr Suresh Kumar
Mdm Ong Siew Ping
Mdm Tan Tiem Hong
Mdm Josephine Lin
Mdm Karen Tang-De Conceicao
Ms Mara Tutay
Ms Serene Lai
Ms Emily Chia


PEERS Committee Photo

From left to right (Mdm Tan Tiem Hong, Mdm Ong Swee Ping, Ms Serene Lai, Ms Mara Tutay, Ms Emily Chia, Ms Josephine Lim, Karen Tang-De Conceicao,)
Seated (Mr Suresh Kumar)

The PEERS Committee invites all parents of TJCians to join them in their activities.

If you would like to know more about PEERS or join in the activities, you can email the PEERS Committee at temasekjc.peers@gmail.com or go to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PEERSTJC .